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We are working hard to improve access to domestic and sexual violence resources throughout Tennessee. As a result, the TECW's research on violence against women can now be found on our new research page as well as at our new Violence Against Women Resource Center.

**WARNING** Before visiting any website with domestic or sexual violence as a clear topic, be aware that your online browsing history is logged by your computer by default and may not be completely erasable. If possible, use a safe computer, in a safe place, and consider using a hidden, private, or incognito browser tab to access these resources safely.

The links below and above will take you to the TECW's Violence Against Women resource page. If you are unsure of your safety, you may want to open a second browser window before accessing the page, so that you can exit it quickly and appear to be browsing elsewhere. Alternatively, most users will see an "EXIT" tab on the left edge that page. Clicking on the tab will allow quick navigation away from the resources page.

Access domestic and sexual violence, and human sex trafficking resources here.